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The Society was formed on 16th June 2004 with the aim of improving the knowledge of the public by giving them greater involvement in the wider community and promoting awareness of History, Folklore and the cultural heritage of the area. It was also formed to benefit the people of the greater Edenderry area regardless of class, creed or other opinion.

The first three years of our existence was spent researching the old Wade Pottery factory in Watson Street before launching our book ‘Irish Wade The History People and Products’, in the Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown in August 2007. This launch was immediately followed by a highly successful exhibition running from August until October 2007

In 2008 we released a smaller book ‘Edenderry Pictorial Past’.

This was followed in 2012 when we launched another successful book, ‘Portadown Foundry Limited’, and we put on a major exhibition of our foundry research work in the Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown.

We are currently researching ‘Portadown Gaslight Company’, and it is our intention to launch a book on the Company in 2018.

Other books planned for the future are ‘The Railway Station,’ ‘Hamilton Robb Linen Factory’ and a sequel to ‘Edenderry Pictorial Past’.

We hope the photographs and articles contained on our site bring back many memories.

We would ask all to take a minute and read some of our articles. To look us up on Facebook and follow.

Local history is often forgotten. Individual peoples stories, local businesses long forgotten, Historical events not recorded, as a Society we want to remember the good, the bad and the ugly, we need your stories from our local area. We will record and keep a file for future reference. We want to hear from all no matter what your beliefs, orientation as we believe without history and how we worked in the past, we can’t have a future. We ask you for your stories, local information, any past business owners or family who have moved away for information. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.

Please see below for the constitution and vulnerable adult and child policy.

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Cardwell McClure to give a talk on his uncle
Cardwell McClure to give a talk on his uncle

Our Chairman Cardwell McClure has-been invited by the directors of Sloan''s House, Loughgall, County Armagh to give a talk on the life of his uncle, William Scott CBE RA who lived for a short time in Enniskillen, and show the film on Scott''s life - ''Every Picture Tells A Story'', produced by his cousin, James Scott.

William Scott had a link to Portadown/Orange Order. To find out more about the linkeage I invite you to attend this event. The presentation and film would be of interest to those school children in the County taking A or GCSE levels in art this year therefore I would encourage them to attend.

William Scott is now recognised as one of the great British/Ulster artists of the 20th century.

On display will be many books written on the artist, details of his works and where they can be seen in Ireland with images of the paintings and an Orange Order banner painted by William and his father, my grandfather in 1927. The banner would be unique and rare because the hand of such a great artist is upon it. It is signed Scott Enniskillen.

This event is not to be missed.
Mrs Joan Christie receiving her award
Mrs Joan Christie receiving her award

Congratulations to Mrs Joan Christie the Lord Lieutenant of Co.Antrim
Members talking to the Lord Lieutenant of Co. Antrim
Members talking to the Lord Lieutenant of Co. Antrim

Last year the Society had the pleasure in attending an award ceremony at Carrickfergus Gasworks Museum (Flame) in their award of the Queens Voluntary Award and in so met the Lord Lieutenant of Co. Antrim Mrs Joan Christie we would like to wish her well both in her retirement and in getting The Freedom of Lisburn City and Castlereagh. See photos of some of the members talking to The Lord Lieutenant.
St Marks Portadown
St Marks Portadown

St Marks Church Portadown with the old gas light
St Marks Church Portadown
St Marks Church Portadown

The town church with the old gas light

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