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09 October 2006 EBRA; Report on developments in Edenderry * W F Marshall and Moses Taggart poetry evening * Wade on BBC * EdenTots welcome back * Nurse Woods
20 June 2006 BATTLE OF THE SOMME, 9th Battalion RIF Lecture Amanda Mareno * Major Wade event for Portadown * ECDA Annual General Meeting * Edentots * Demise of Portadown Housewives League * Heroes of Edenderry, Major Thomas Atkinson * Edenderry Business and Residents Association
01 April 2006 EDENDERRY BUSINESS & RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION, Neighbourhood Watch comes to Edenderry * EDCA Annual General Meeting * Lambeg Drumming Match Report * Edenderry Old Primary School, James S. Kane * Memories of Florence Court, George Weir.
01 February 2006 ECDA GRANT * Bob Guy Slide Show * Railway Film Show * Art Club news * Eden-Tots news * Victoria Reigns in Edenderry * Heroes of Edenderry George McCann, James S. Kane * Edenderry Residents & Business Association
01 December 2005 JOANNE RECEIVES THE MAYOR'S ADWARD * New Group for Edenderry * Thomas Cordner James S Kane * Some Thoughts on Edenderry Vera Smith * Mums & Toddler''s Quiz
01 October 2005 NEW LOOK EDENDERRY NEWS * Art Club * Wade Pottery * WWII Concert * Arch Picture Presentation * Bann Bridge James S Kane
01 March 2005 FIRST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING * 1st Batt RIF Amanda Moreno * Blackers of Carrickblacker James S Kane * Lambeg Drumming Match
01 February 2005 ULSTER-SCOTS COOKERY DEMOSTRATION Rev. Jim Mattison * 1st Batt RIF Amanda Moreno * Blackers of Carrickblacker James S Kane * Drumming Match
01 January 2005 ART CLUB * Drums & Banners * Film Show Fred Cooper * ECHS Address History of Edenderry Garfielf England * Ulster-Scots Cookery Demo.

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Book sales
Book sales

Hi All can I please remind everyone that the gasworks book and the Wades book are still for sale if you want it posted itís £5 U.K. and £15 out of the U.K. The book prices are as follows

Gasworks book £10 plus postage
Wades book £5 plus postage.

Books can be picked up locally if arranged with the Secretary Robert on 07846782466 or matchey@icloud.com.

If Iím not able to answer please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.
A little known fact
A little known fact

Portadowní s water supply used to be pumped direct from the River Bann with it so steam pump where the Regal cinema/ entertainment centre is now.
The old Town Hall
The old Town Hall

Who remembers the old Town Hall?
Deliveries in the early 1900ís
Deliveries in the early 1900ís

An old photo showing deliveries to Brankins Pub around the 1900.
The gentleman standing in centre of gateway is believed to be Thomas Brankin, The gentleman on extreme left of photo is believed to be Eamonn''s great grandfather Thomas Brankin.

The photograph was taken about 1900, Brankins Bar then would have been considered to be on the edge of town, nowadays the site would be considered as the centre of The Tunnel. Obins Street.

Brankin''s used to board people and stable horses in the buildings at the rear of the Pub.
The old signal coming into Portadown north side.
The old signal coming into Portadown north side.

The old signal coming into Portadown north side.

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