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DJ Maguire and Associates advert
DJ Maguire and Associates advert

ECHS would like to thank DJ Maguire’s and Associates dental practitioners for their kind donation and sponsorship of our upcoming Gasworks book. We would like to congratulate the practice in 30 years on business in the Edenderry area of Portadown.
Joseph Poots and Son Advert
Joseph Poots and Son Advert

ECHS would like to thank Joseph Poots and Son Funeral Directors for their kind donation for an advert into the Gasworks book.
George McNabb’s & Co advert
George McNabb’s & Co advert

ECHS would like to thank George McNabb and Co for being the first to take an advert in the ''Gasworks'' book. the company has been in the Edenderry area of Portadown since 1975 and was initial established by George McNabb. they are an indepentent family business and are proud members of the Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors www.georgemcnabb.co.uk
Gary’s bar Advert
Gary’s bar Advert

ECHS would like to thank Gary''s Bar for taking an advert in the Gasworks book. the business was bought by it''s present owners on the 29th May 1978 and has continued to be run by the same family since.
Cardwell McClure to give a talk on his uncle
Cardwell McClure to give a talk on his uncle

Our Chairman Cardwell McClure has-been invited by the directors of Sloan''s House, Loughgall, County Armagh to give a talk on the life of his uncle, William Scott CBE RA who lived for a short time in Enniskillen, and show the film on Scott''s life - ''Every Picture Tells A Story'', produced by his cousin, James Scott.

William Scott had a link to Portadown/Orange Order. To find out more about the linkeage I invite you to attend this event. The presentation and film would be of interest to those school children in the County taking A or GCSE levels in art this year therefore I would encourage them to attend.

William Scott is now recognised as one of the great British/Ulster artists of the 20th century.

On display will be many books written on the artist, details of his works and where they can be seen in Ireland with images of the paintings and an Orange Order banner painted by William and his father, my grandfather in 1927. The banner would be unique and rare because the hand of such a great artist is upon it. It is signed Scott Enniskillen.

This event is not to be missed.

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