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19 March 2015 Celebrating our 1st Decade!
29 August 2013 Culture for All program - Stonewall folk night - Congrats to JLOL51 - Mark wins at WPFG - ONC training - Appeal for wool
01 February 2013 Feb Newsletter - Congratulations Trevor! Support your local shops - Whats On - Daryl''s Belfast Strut - Portadown Hockey - Gasworks Project
06 October 2012 Our Program up to December
Introduction to ASDA store manager Robert Ryans
Follow up on Dickie Lunn story
06 March 2012 Regeneration starts at last
Local people recognised
Diary of Events
AGM, Coach Tour
13 September 2011 Thanks to Craigavon BC, Edenderry supports Country comes to Town, Coach Tour to Derry, Thanks Joanne(Eden Tots), Bike shop changes hands, Belly Dance Fitness,Weekly Diary
30 March 2011 Thanks to funders, Obituary Ivan Abraham,JLOL42, London Marathon, Carrickfergus to Belfast, Street Party,7th AGM
11 February 2011 Coach Tour - Carrickfergus & Sights of Belfast, Cookery & Craic,Alison''s London Marathon, JLOL success, Portadown Foundry, Business & Residents, Questionaire.
02 December 2010 Festival of Remembrance,Cultural&Historical articles, Lottery funded events, Belly Dance Group, Eden-Tots, Wood Craft group, Silver Surfers, Community Relations,Quiz Night
12 September 2010 Obituary Jim Edgar, Awards for All grant, Community Relations grant, A week in Edenderry, Special Events for Help for Heroes

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A little known fact
A little known fact

Portadown’ s water supply used to be pumped direct from the River Bann with it so steam pump where the Regal cinema/ entertainment centre is now.
The old Town Hall
The old Town Hall

Who remembers the old Town Hall?
Deliveries in the early 1900’s
Deliveries in the early 1900’s

An old photo showing deliveries to Brankins Pub around the 1900.
The gentleman standing in centre of gateway is believed to be Thomas Brankin, The gentleman on extreme left of photo is believed to be Eamonn''s great grandfather Thomas Brankin.

The photograph was taken about 1900, Brankins Bar then would have been considered to be on the edge of town, nowadays the site would be considered as the centre of The Tunnel. Obins Street.

Brankin''s used to board people and stable horses in the buildings at the rear of the Pub.
The old signal coming into Portadown north side.
The old signal coming into Portadown north side.

The old signal coming into Portadown north side.
Carngrove Hotel
Carngrove Hotel

This photo shows the Carngrove Hotel being demolished. This was Mr George Stanley (who was the managing director of the gasworks till his death in 1975) house which he made into the hotel. Unfortunately he didn’t see it as he passed away shortly after getting the licence for alcohol. You can read more about Mr George Stanley in the Gasworks book.

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